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5 Tips To Stay Asleep All Night - EshineSleep

5 Tips To Stay Asleep All Night

Struggling to stay asleep through the night can be frustrating and exhausting. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can employ to improve your sleep quality and enjoy uninterrupted rest. 

It can also lead to a lot of other issues of overall well-being such as decreased problem solving capability, energy level, and can even change your personality.

Why Do You Wake Up At Night?
Here several possible reasons are explained why a person wakes up at night:

Waking up at night can be attributed to several common factors:Waking up at night can be attributed to several common factors:

1. Stress and Anxiety:

Stress, worry, and even concerns or ideas put into the mind can cause the racing thoughts in the night, which makes it difficult to go back to sleep again. Stress messes up your sleep pattern in that your heart is likely to race and you get ‘adrenaline rush’ making it difficult for you to relax and go to sleep.

2. Poor Sleep Environment:

Lack of sleep, light exposure or noise during night, uncomfortable room temperature, and smog affect one’s body indirectly through melatonin production.

3. Sleep Disorders:

Other sleep disorders such as sleep apnea which is characterized by breathing pauses and restless legs syndrome which results to leg discomfort are known to disrupt the sleep hence leading to frequent nocturnal awakenings.

4. Lifestyle Factors:

Caffeine beverage consumption, alcohol, improper sleep schedules and lack of consistent bedtime can interfere with the normal sleep-wake cycle to allow for interrupted night sleep.

5. Medical Conditions:

Who doesn’t know what chronic pain is? GERD, hormonal changes, or even nocturia, which means waking up several times a night to urinate, are other medical conditions that can disrupt your sleep.

Strategies to Improve Sleep Quality and Stay Asleep:Strategies to Improve Sleep Quality and Stay Asleep:

1. Practice Relaxation Techniques: People should take a break and practice some relaxation techniques like breathing deeply, or practicing meditation or yoga before going to bed since these could help in reducing stress hence increasing the chances of the sleeper having a good night’s sleep.

2. Create a Sleep-Inducing Environment: Make sure your bedroom has no light, no noise and the room is well cooled or warmed up depending on the weather for better result on the sleep.

3. Establish a Consistent Sleep Routine: This helps regulate a person’s biological rhythms by adopting a fixed chronometry which involves the bedtime and rising time being constant each day.

4. Limit Stimulants: Self limiting experience to reduce the intake of caffeine and alcohol before going to bed in order to avoid sleeping disorders.

5. Seek Medical Advice: In case you think that you have an undiagnosed sleep disorder, or a definite medical condition that might have worsened due to the above mentioned habits are consuming excessive amounts of caffeine, reaching out to a doctor may help.