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The Best Bed for Every Stage of Life - EshineSleep

The Best Bed for Every Stage of Life

For Children and Teens: A mattress that can accompany your child through their entire teenage years. The E2000 model is easy to install, taking only 10 minutes. It features Head Tilt/Foot Tilt, All The Way Flat positioning, a Wireless Remote, Zero Gravity for improved comfort, and Anti-Snore function to reduce pressure on the airway.

FlexSleep Series E2000

For Adults: Living with pets, partners, or children means compromising on the type of bed you buy. The split king is perfect for ensuring no one's sleep quality is compromised.

FlexSleep Series E2000 Split King

For Seniors: Adults above 60 report increased difficulty in sleeping, with cases of sleep apnea, back pain, and insomnia on the rise. An adjustable bed is a great option for seniors. A compatible mattress with an adjustable base allows you to raise the head or foot of the bed, improving blood circulation, relieving snoring or sleep apnea, and acid reflux. If your body feels tired or in pain, an adjustable bed also allows you to easily change positions.
Purchase the popular adjustable bed and compatible mattress from Eshinesleep.

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