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The difference between the E3100 and E3000 - EshineSleep

The difference between the E3100 and E3000

Introducing the Adjustable Bed, available in e3000 and E3100 models. The only difference between the two is the color, as they offer the same functionality.

Easily install this bed within 10 minutes, thanks to its user-friendly design. With features such as Head Tilt and Foot Tilt, you can customize your sleeping position for optimal comfort. The All The Way Flat function allows you to easily adjust the bed to your preferred level.

Control your bed effortlessly with the wireless remote, which gives you access to features like Adjustable Legs. Choose from heights of 8 inches or 11.4 inches to suit your needs. Experience weightlessness with the Zero Gravity feature, enhancing your overall comfort.

Say goodbye to snoring with the Anti-Snore function that reduces pressure on your airway. Enjoy a relaxing 2-Zone Massage and conveniently charge your devices with the 2 USB Ports. Upgrade your sleep experience with the Adjustable Bed, the perfect addition to your bedroom.